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Making a sense of Design Patterns vs. Framework

What is a design Pattern?

In general we can say design pattern is a defined, used and tested solution for a know problem or we can say it’s a solution for very common problems occurred in developers life.

What is a framework?

Framework is a tool that has a base which can be expandable to solve a complex problem easily and makes a developer life easy by providing a common/generic implementation.Design pattern vs. Framework

Software framework can be confuse with design pattern as they are closely related:

1: Design patterns are recurring solutions to a problem that arises during the life of a software application in a particular context. Where a framework is a group of components that cooperate with each other to provide a reusable architecture for applications with a given domain.

2: Design pattern helps to improve the quality of the software in terms of the software being reusable, maintainable, extensible etc. In short reduce developer effort. Where framework helps the quality of the software in terms of the software being reusable, , extensible etc. And reduces the development time.

3: A design pattern does not exist in the form of a software component on it’s own. It basically need to be implemented by the time developer use. Where framework are not complete applications on their own. Complete applications can be built by inheriting the component directly.

4: design pattern provides a way to do good design and helps to design good framework where design pattern may be used in the design and implementation of a framework.