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Find and block referrer spams (causing bad impacts on statistics) from Google Analytics.

This article will provide you the basic guide lines to find out the top referrer spams which are randomly hits your web site and impacting the statistics and the indexing of the site and how to block or protect them through  google analytics tool.

Overview :

A lot of webmaster forums and blogs are lit up by a fairly new issue: Google Analytics referrer spam. That’s basically phony traffic appearing in your analytics reports that says that users came to your site referred by a domain that doesn’t really have a link to you. You, curious of the traffic, which often also has a 100% bounce rate, go to the referrer URL, only to be bombarded by ads or worse: malware, sneaky affiliate redirects, etc.

Find out the top referrer spams from Google Analytis :

Flow to find the referrer information page : Visti Google Analytics Site --> Reporting --> Acquisition --> Referrals

Form above figure you can able to see the complete information about the referrers visiting your site every time.

Working culture of referrer spams across the network :

As we say these spams every time we have the question like how they traveling through the network and how they are killing our web sites statistics and metrics and play a vital role to dominating the google page rank.

From the above figure you can able to find out the spams how they reach to you site.

Most Effective solution :

We cant say that all the referrers are bad for the application only few of them are like this and we need to find and block them means filter out from the Google Analytics tools.

Flow to Filter referrer spam : Visti Google Analytics Site --> Admin --> All Filters --> +Add Filter

Above figure will help you to filter out the spam simply by proving the span url and following some steps.

e.g When we lunch our web site in public host there is a spam named ad "adf.ly" continuously visits the site and keep on increasing the bounce rate for the application. We just added into Filter Name and Filter Pattern by selecting Filter Field as Campain Source and successfully blocked.