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Struts 2 - reusing Custom Expression Validator

In struts 2 we can develop @CustomValidator which can be used in application wide

@CustomValidator(type = "CustomerNumberValidator", fieldName = "customerNo")

For validation MORE THAN ONE FIELD we use @xpressionValidator

@ExpressionValidator(expression =
"( (!"".equals(account.firstName) && (!"".equals(account.lastName) )
   || (presonalAccount == false)",
   key = "validate.account.name")

If the expression is too complicated and needs to work on MORE THAN ONE FIELD we use OGNL to call static method. The static method will do the validation and return a boolean for example

@ExpressionValidator(expression = "@foo.bar.CalendarUtil@compareDates(fromDate,toDate)", key = "validate.date.before")

Above is some how a CustomExpressionValidator ! And we use @foo.bar.CalendarUtil@compareDates in application wide to make this validation for us.

Is there another approach which enables us to use a custom wide validator?! Is there any custom expression validator which can be added to struts and we can call it in action in the way we use @CustomValidator


Create a Custom Validator (not field related):

public final class CompareDatesValidator extends ValidatorSupport {

    private String fromDate; // getter and setter

    private String toDate;   // getter and setter    


    public void validate(Object o) throws ValidationException {

        Date d1 = (Date)parse(fromDate, Date.class);

        Date d2 = (Date)parse(toDate, Date.class);

        if (d1==null || d2==null || d2.before(d1)){





Register the custom validator in validators.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE validators PUBLIC

     "-//OpenSymphony Group//XWork Validator Config 1.0//EN"



    <validator name="compareDatesValidator" 



Use the validator in an action:

private Date startDate; // getter and setter

private Date endDate;   // getter and setter




            message="Dates provided are not valid."


                @ValidationParameter(name="fromDate", value="${startDate}"), 

                @ValidationParameter(name="toDate",   value="${endDate}")})})

public String execute(){

    return SUCCESS;


Answer is