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Pad a String with same constants in Java?

I have some text message which are messed when I display them on the screen.

Now I want to represent it with the fixed length of 20 character by padding it like,


Please suggest!


The following link has all the details where Apache StringUtils has several methods like leftPad, rightPad, center and repeat.


public static String padRight(String str, int no) {

     return String.format("%1$-" + no + "str", str);  


public static String padLeft(String str, int no) {

    return String.format("%1$" + no + "str", str);  



public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {

 System.out.println(padRight("padRight", 20) + "*");

 System.out.println(padLeft("padLeft", 20) + "*");



output :

     padRight               *


Answer is