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How to configure apache tomcat server on windows?

I have install jdk1.6.0_04 and I have also install apache-tomcat-8.0.9 and I have set path C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6.0_04bin; and CLASSPATH appache tomcat server C:Program Files (x86)apache-tomcat-8.0.9libservlet-api.jar;

but still it"s not working properly when i try to open apache tomcat server on web browser web page is not available

Please guide me the correct way to achieve my objective.


Set JAVA_HOME="C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.6.0_04" and

CATALINA_HOME="C:Program Files (x86)apache-tomcat-8.0.9"

then go to %CATALINA_HOME%bin and run startup.bat

All simple configuration in %CATALINA_HOME%confserver.xml


You need jdk1.7 + to run tomcat 8, if you are using jdk1.6, you need tomcat 7-.
See this: http://tomcat.apache.org/whichversion.html

This make me remember back in collage, it took me 2 days to finish jdk/tomcat hello world, :) , what a good time it is.

Just make sure, open a command line, input java --version to check whether you jdk is configured well, and which version it is in use. Just to be sure, in some case you need to re-login or reboot to make your new configured jdk work.

Believe me, if you configured jdk well, you don't need to change anything of the tomcat, just unzip it, and start it, it would work, unless the port 8080 is already taken.

Here are some simple steps to set up your environment:

  1. Set up CATALINE_HOME = your tomcat Location
  2. JAVA_HOME = your java (Version 6 or Seven).
  3. Path = Same JAVA_HOME Java version path til bin.
  4. At final run the startup.bat
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