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How to create maven projects from eclipse

I am newly started learning maven but unable to find any option from eclipse how to create a new maven project.

I opened eclipse and went to File->New->Other-> searched with maven project and clicked on next and then stuck from there on wards.

Attachment taken from eclipse - 

But unable to identifying what are the inputs need to provide to proceed further.Please help!


Yes you are in right track only just a simple step skipped out and the problem began. Anyway here I am providing two screenshots just have a look which will tell you the missing step.

At the time of maven project selection need to click on the check box [Screen - 1] if you want to proceed by skipping the archetype (maven project templates) and click on next. Then [Screen - 2] you need to provide the group id, artifact id and the packaging details and click on finish. Once finished the new maven project ready to use from project explorer.

And if you have interested to know about the archetypes and any question with you that why need to skip please refer to https://maven.apache.org/guides/introduction/introduction-to-archetypes.html know in details.

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