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mouse cursor immediately disapearing from eclipse text editor on Virtual Machine.

Hello everyone, today morning when we move our VM from Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 everything seems to be good rather one issue. When ever we are moving the cursor on the eclipse text editor the cursor immediately disappearing and creating abnormal behavior at the time of work.

We are trying to fix the issue but still didn"t figure out whether its because of eclipse configuration issue or network issue or its because of the new OS. If anyone know the solution please help! Thanks.


As of my knowledge may be its because of network slowness or something else not sure. Anyway I fixed my problem by doing some modification on mouse pointer from control panel configuration and finally stick with the below solution from which my issue was resolved.

Start > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers > Windows Black (system scheme)

From the pointers tab you can see under Scheme drop down so many schemes are available and may be the default one is not supportable for the eclipse text editor or its by default select to none on your system. So just change it to "Windows Black (system scheme)"

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