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What triggers a redeploy of WARs on Tomcat during server start up?

We have a performance related issue on RTC server startup. It seems that RTC frequently redeploys the WARs for admin.war, ccm.war, clmhelp.war, converter.war, jts.war etc.. and this takes about 30 minutes. But we are not sure why. In our previous experience, the initial deployment before jts setup takes a long time as WARs are deployed for the first time. But now we find they are being redeployed frequently.

Does anyone know what triggers a redeployment of the WARs? Does the server check for particular changes in RTC configuration and automatically redeploy them at certain times?

We are using RTC 4.0 and integrated with RQM 4.0.
There are two ways I know of to cause a reprovision of the WARs on Tomcat:

  1. Delete server/tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/<contextroot>/built-on.txt where <contextroot> is the context root of your application (jts, ccm, jazz, etc).
  2. Request a server reset by visiting https://serverhost:port/<contextroot>/admin/cmd/requestReset 

You may want to verify that the built-on.txt file (#1) is being created after the server is started. If it is not, then since it is missing every time the server is started, a reprovision will happen every time.  

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