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Errors Starting Tomcat - "Unable to Locate the Server localhost:8080" Error

An "unable to locate server" error when trying to load a Web application in a browser.

Tomcat can take quite some time before fully loading, so first of all, make sure you've allowed at least 5 minutes for Tomcat to load before continuing troubleshooting. To verify that Tomcat is running, point your browser to http://localhost:8080. When the Tomcat index screen displays, you may continue. If the index screen does not load immediately, wait up to several minutes and then retry. If Tomcat still has not loaded, check the log files, as explained below, for further troubleshooting information.

When Tomcat starts up, it initializes itself and then loads all the Web applications in <JWSDP_HOME>/webapps. When you run Tomcat by calling startup.sh, the server messages are logged to <JWSDP_HOME>/logs/catalina.out. The progress of loading Web applications can be viewed in the file <JWSDP_HOME>/logs/jwsdp_log.<date>.txt

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