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Why is Naming Convention important in java.Does its required?

why do we follow naming conventions.?Please explain?
 Defining the naming convention is vital because they lead to greater consistency within your code and the code of your teammates. Greater consistency leads to code that is easier to understand, which means it is easier to develop and to maintain. Thus, it reduces the overall cost of the applications that you create.

You have to remember that your Java code will exist for a long time even after you have moved on to other projects. An important goal during development is to ensure that you can transition your work to another developer or to another team of developers so they can continue to maintain and enhance your work without having to invest an unreasonable effort to understand your code. Code

that is difficult to understand runs the risk of being scrapped and rewritten.

Naming Conventions:-

Naming Field: Ex: firstName

Naming Constant:Ex: MINIMUM_BALANCE

Naming Component: Ex:  clickButton

Naming Member Function: Ex: save();

Naming Getter and Setter : Ex: isPersistent()

Naming Collection : Ex: buyItems

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