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resulted String is a column in another table

I have a result  ABCD by adding two strings AB, CD. and ABCD  is a column in my another table called TEST.

So by passing these two strings i want to get the output from that ABCD column in test table.

I tried in so many ways But no use.

How can i get it.


Write below in a plsql block

SELECT UPPER(SUBSTR('AB')),UPPER('CD') INTO STRING1,STRING2 FROM DUAL;--here You will get the resulted string as a column
STRING_ADD:='SELECT '||STRING1||STRING2||' FROM test  WHERE col1='||''''||Vcol1||'''';   --Giving the column as a input and getting values of that column
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE STRING_ADD INTO VAR_L_VALUE;--storing that value into another string

Answer is