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Can I query MongoDB ObjectId by date?

I know that ObjectIds contain the date they were created on. Is there a way to query this aspect of the ObjectId?

Popping Timestamps into ObjectIds covers queries based on dates embedded in the ObjectId in great detail.

Briefly in JavaScript code:

// This function returns an ObjectId embedded with a given datetime

// Accepts both Date object and string input

function objectIdWithTimestamp(timestamp) {

    // Convert string date to Date object (otherwise assume timestamp is a date)

    if (typeof(timestamp) == 'string') {

        timestamp = new Date(timestamp);


    // Convert date object to hex seconds since Unix epoch

    var hexSeconds = Math.floor(timestamp/1000).toString(16);

    // Create an ObjectId with that hex timestamp

    var constructedObjectId = ObjectId(hexSeconds + "0000000000000000");

    return constructedObjectId


// Find all documents created after midnight on May 25th, 1980

db.mycollection.find({ _id: { $gt: objectIdWithTimestamp('1980/05/25') } });

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