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Difference between struts1 and struts2

I know Struts 1 since I am using in my project but When I am going through struts 2 its quite confusion for me.Can some body help me to find out the basic difference in between in those versions.
The reason to move struts 2.x in place of struts 1.x is struts 1.x is in maintenance phase now not in much active development.

when it starts with a team who have good understanding of struts 1.x is that they will get the underlying system quickly.but before let me to put one point in a clear manner. struts1.x has no similarity with struts 2.x the only similarity is the name inherited from the parents. struts2 has following advantages.

  1. Action based framework
  2. A strong Ajax support
  3. Interceptors approach (core of framework) 4 Decoupled from the Serve let API which means plain POJO so unit testing will be much much easier

but my point is simple struts2 and struts1 only similar in terms of name but in terms of underlying architecture they are quite different.

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