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Basic structure of plsql

What is the basic structure of pl/sql. Any one can explain briefly.

PL/SQL is a block-structured language, meaning that PL/SQL programs are divided and written in logical blocks of code. Each block consists of three sub-parts:




This section starts with the keyword DECLARE. It is an optional section and defines all variables, cursors, subprograms, and other elements to be used in the program.


Executable Commands

This section is enclosed between the keywords BEGIN and END and it is a mandatory section. It consists of the executable PL/SQL statements of the program. It should have at least one executable line of code, which may be just a NULL command to indicate that nothing should be executed.


Exception Handling

This section starts with the keyword EXCEPTION. This section is again optional and contains exception(s) that handle errors in the program.


Every PL/SQL statement ends with a semicolon (;). PL/SQL blocks can be nested within other PL/SQL blocks using BEGIN and END. Here is the basic structure of a PL/SQL block:


   <declarations section>


   <executable command(s)>


   <exception handling>


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