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Ecplise error :unable to build the maven project

Getting below error when trying to build the maven project


Its caused because of the dependencies what maven looking for to build your project like sitemap.jar.0.0.1,dpcache.jar.0.0.1 is not available with you.Please build them first one by one and then build your main project.

Or else please ensure the exact version for the missing dependencies from pom.xml from your main project.

Some time there is an issue with the eclipse if you try to build from integrated maven tool.For this best solution is to add and configure maven on your eclipse manually and try to build once.Hope it will helpful to build your app in eclipse.



I have analyze the error, and getting the solution lastly.

That is this issue came because i am trying to build the JEE project in Eclipse Standard 4.5.0 M1 IDE.

We have to setup project in

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

Answer is