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Get all the input field values from specific form using JQuery

I have a html form which contain multiple input texts,selects etc.

Now I need to validate each form by getting its ids dynamically.

so is there any way to populate the input from certain form id? eg if i click submit button from certain form id, then jquery will populate for me all of the input within those form id. currently what i"m doing is like this:

$("form").submit(function(){ return validateForm($(this)) });
function validateForm(form){
var retVal = true;
var re;
$.each(form.serializeArray(), function(i, field) {
  var input = $("input[name="+field.name+"]");
  field.value = $.trim(field.value);
    case "name" :
        and another cases...

that was work, but in that case, i only get the field.name and field.value, and actually what i want is, i want a jquery object for each input element, so i can access their css, id, name, and even animate those input element

is there any way for this?


You can able achieve  in a simpler way like below,

$("form#formID :input").each(function(){
 var input = $(this); // This is the jquery object of the input, do what you will

From this you can able to get the ids of each inputs and by using the jquery api you can able to do what ever required.

Answer is