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How to get Paypal API Credentials for development environment?

We are going to test Paypal Adaptive Payament JSON API services using Spring Rest Template. But its not authenticating with the provided headers suggested by Paypal guys.As per the paypal guidelines we need to append the header with the below parameters to use the given Rest API"s by Paypal.







And when I fill those by providing with my paypal registered credential its not authenticating. And more over I am not getting from where I will get the SECURITY-SIGNATURE as well.

I need some help to proceed with my paypal development.


Yes I too experience the same. And after digging into this finally got the API credential to develop the Paypal Rest API,s Adaptive payments.

Flow to find the actual credential useful for the REST headers,

    1.Login with your paypal credential from https://developer.paypal.com/

    2.Click on the Dashboard button visible on the top right corner.

    3.From left sidebar under sandbox option chose accounts. Where you will find the sandbox test accounts.

    4.You can find an Email address with facilitator id just click that.

    5.Then a link with profile will appear, by clicking that one dialog box will open.

    6.From that dialog box chose the tab as API Credentials. 

    7.Just use those credentials and have fun with your development.

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